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The Loves of My Life


The Girl Behind the Lens 

"When you do things from your soul, you feel a river of joy run within you." - Rumi

Hey, you beautiful being!

My name is Daniele Lauren Bernal, formally known as Daniele Sanford, my family & close friends call me Dani and you are more than welcome to as well.

I am 27 years young and totally about living a life that frees your soul. I don't believe in just "working to live". There is NO way we are here to just work, pay bills, and die. No way. I love plants, animals, crystals, nature, all that good stuff. My mom would call me Snow White growing up because of it. I also absolutely love anything Disney! So that might have something to do with it as well. - My mom & sister are my lifelines- seriously, ride or die. -

 I have an incredibly, amazing husband who is without a doubt the love of my life! Our first-born baby girl, Raevlyn Rose, was born October of 2021. & She may just possibly be tagging along during your session! 

My sun sign is Leo & my moon sign is Cancer (I find astrology and other things similar extremely  rad). That being said I am a very reserved, passionate, perfectionist. I take a second to warm up & then BAM, that's when the magic happens ;). I don't think I can live anywhere without the sight of nature honestly; I am extremely blessed to be living in the beautiful mountains of Big Bear, CA. I will definitely go to the city, but I don't think you will ever catch me living in a city area..I get slight anxiety in busy, rushed environments. We're planning the big move to Oregon some time within the next five years!


It may sound cliche, but photography has always been more to me than just a 'photograph'. It's literally freezing a moment in time, & that in itself is magic! I believe in all magic. I  loved taking photos when I was younger but didn't actually start taking it seriously until the year of 2017. Before then I had used it to cope & connect with my late Grandfather as he was into photography as well. I just didn't appreciate it as much until after he was gone.  He passed away July 11th, 2014. I (coincidentally)  published this website on July 11th, 2018.. & I don't believe in coincidences .


Capturing the world's  natural beauty & precious moments for special beings is what feeds my soul; it is my life's purpose. 

Photos by Savannah Rae            & Gianna Christina
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